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Paper Garden and Zedashe

Posted on April 13 2013

Maria Santiago, who teaches printmaking at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, loved the energy on display at DIY Printing: Presses Not Required. The exhibit at the Minnesota Museum of American Art Project Space shows that limitations often give birth to great creativity, as printmakers find ways to make art without fancy equipment. The show runs through April 28, with many interactive events scheduled in the next few weeks. In Mad Munchkin Productions' Nikita series"Paper Garden: Entomos," puppets help tell the story of a girl and her beloved insects that live in her family's garden. Actor and stage manager Al Broeffle loved that this seemingly simple story raised questions of race, finding one's place in the world and the balance between science and nature -- all while making him laugh. There are five more performances of the show this weekend at the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis. When puppeteer and public artist Soozin Hirschmugl tells her friends about the Zedashe Ensemble, she says listening to their music is like eating really rich dirt or drinking your favorite glass of red wine. The ancient harmonies from Georgia (the country, not the state) may sound foreign to ears used to western harmonies, but Soozin says they will reverberate through you and transport you. They'll be performing a concert of sacred music on Wednesday, April 3 at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis and will also present a concert of both sacred and folk music with dancers and musicians at Concordia University in St. Paul on Saturday, April 6. They'll also be South Park Season 14 holding workshops at the Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis.
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