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Vauxhall Daytime Running Lights rip

Posted on April 12 2013

"This does sound like it could be misleading," said Holly McAllister of industry regulator Motor Codes. "Advertising is covered by our new car code, so this is definitely something we can look to investigate." Our verdict Vauxhall may be adhering to the letter of the law, but customers will feel misled. It's hard to understand why it wants to advertise the Antara as having DRLs at all,Breaking Bad dvd and risk having this set-up exposed. Come on, this is all nonsense. Regarding headlights, there was a real rip-off not so long ago and well spread within the industry. Unfortunately I cannot recall any serious action by a customer magazine or a motoring club against it. The core problem was that in many cars changing of a plain Hx headlight bulb suddenly became extremely difficult and demanding task. In several cases it even became plain impossible to do it on your own. One just had to have it done by a mechanic,Nikita series just as it has to be done with the ultra expensive xenon lights. Normally such a car engineering should be considered illegal at least in some European countries where drivers are obliged to carry replacement bulbs in a car and change a faulty bulb "on the spot". It ought to be considered illegal also from the standpoint of customer protection because this was a sleazy move by manufacturers just to increase turnover in their service shops. Imagine what would come next: special vents to prevent drivers from checking the tyre pressure themselves? After years of this malpractice by the industry the EU legislation was quietly modified to the extent that in today's cars a bulb change can only be engineered as a time and nerves consuming manual operation discouraging many drivers to it it themselves,Sherlock dvd but fortunately it may no longer demand tools nor
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